Thursday, April 22, 2004

Adam LaRoche had his first multi-hit game since the season opener

It sure was a very up and down game tonight. When I was losing hope, the Braves came through. When I thought the game was secured, we lost the lead. But in the end, it worked out. Adam LaRoche had his first multi-hit game since the season opener and Mark DeRosa more than doubled his RBI totals by knocking in 3. Overall, it was a decent game. It's tough to lose when we have so many baserunners (10 hits, 8 walks).

Also, this has nothing to do with baseball, but Blogger users can now beta test Google's Gmail. 1 GB of storage! I'm currently fooling around with it and would you believe it... the "send" button does not work.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Solid outing from John Thomson

Despite the loss, I was glad to see another solid outing from John Thomson. Just browsing through the scores and schedule, you can see the pitching's been there. We allowed just 1, 4, 4, 1, 2, and 3 runs over the past 6 games.

So where's the offense? Are you there, Drew? I mean it's great that he's been drawing plenty of walks, but in a lineup like this, having him hack away might be the better option. How often does he even advance to 2nd base after drawing the walk? I can't imagine it's a very high percentage.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Win over the Marlins 5-4

First pitch strikes. That's all Jaret Wright needed.

Of the first 14 batters he faced, Wright fell behind 1-0 to 12 of them, resulting in 4 hits and 2 BBs. It was frustrating to watch, really. There were just too many wasted pitches and he was constantly fighting his way back from 2-0, 2-1 counts. But after the somewhat shaky start, I was pleased to see him cruise through the next 13 batters (8 first pitch strikes) allowing just 1 hit and 1 BB. In a sense, it was similar to his last outing - 6 innings, 95+ pitches, 3-4 BBs. It's not terrible, but I'd also love to see him build on tonight's game and continue to be more efficient with his pitches. I fully expect him to be among the top #5 starters in the league by season's end... but what happens to Paul Byrd, blahb ala blah. Don't ask me now..

So after tonight's win over the Marlins 5-4, the Braves are back at an even .500 and tied with the team with the worst bullpen - the Mets. If anyone missed it, Tom Glavine had a 1 hitter through 7 IP, only to have their relievers allow 7 runs in the 8th. I almost feel bad for Glavine. Almost.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

No Baseball Injuires at Least

Whew, we made it without further injuries. The way we were going, I was worried someone might get their cleats caught in the muddy infield or take a fall in the outfield. Seriously, the last thing the Braves need is to recall Hessman again and have him join Wise and Marrerro in the outfield.

Anyway, aside from the superb pitching performance by John Thomson, I really have little else to say. I unfortunately didn't get to see the game because my roommate was watching American Idol, The OC, and Extreme Makeover, heh. Hopefully, I'll have something more to add soon.